Septic System Inspections and Maintenance

Kelly Hohmann ROWP (PL) (IN) (MP) (IN)

How do I know if I need a ROWP Private Inspector (IN) or a ROWP Maintenance Provider?

A Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP) Private Inspector is the best person to contact if you do not have much information about where your system is located, what components are included within the system, and what physical condition they are in, how the system is performing or if you suspect a problem. The ROWP Private Inspector carries the correct equipment and has the board certification (registration) to find and assess systems where much is not known.

An inspection is usually carried out during a real estate transaction, when applying for a building permit to modify existing buildings or build new, or for the personal knowledge of the property owner. It is the most thorough inspection of the system.

Real Estate Sales/Purchases

Most people buying a home for the first time on septic will not consider the cost of a septic system replacement/repair when purchasing a home. Many will be convinced that an evaluation or review is sufficient. As an ROWP Private Inspector, Kelly Hohmann is qualified to perform Performance and Compliance Inspections, and, if required, can provide an in-depth written report and pictures of each component of the septic system being inspected (some restrictions apply) . He is also qualified as Planner and Installer and is able to provide options for repairs/replacements of onsite sewerage systems if a problem is identified. Many times, this cost can be used as a negotiating tool in the sale of the property. Unfortunately, if a home is bought without a proper inspection by a qualified ROWP Inspector and problems arise after the purchase, there is usually no recourse in the matter, and the new homeowner is left with the full costs of repairs or replacement as evaluations or reviews performed by non-registered inspectors is often not recognized by building authorities or courts.

If you are selling/buying a home with a septic system, make sure to contact Kelly Hohmann an ROWP who is a Registered Private Inspector (IN). Only then can you be confident that you have all the information needed for a trouble free transaction.