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The team at ABC Septic Services Ltd. provides residential and commercial septic system planning and design, installations and maintenance throughout the South Okanagan. Our on-site consultations satisfy all regulations and work with the geography and building plans on your property. We partner with general contractors and industry developers to complete septic installations then offer professional septic maintenance services to keep your system running efficiently.

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We specialize in Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 septic systems. Our team designations include ROWP (Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner) and ASTTBC (Applied Scientist Technologist of BC). We recommend solutions that work best for your site in the design stage, then excavate and install the preferred system. Considerations for the design and size of your septic system include soil type, site slope, proximity to sensitive ecological habitats and local regulations. We attempt to create designs that preserve the natural landscape of your property. After installation, we offer maintenance schedules for residential, commercial and industrial septic systems to protect your home or business from unexpected plumbing breakdowns. You will receive certified inspections, adjustments and repairs by our qualified staff to maintain the efficiency of your system.

Gravity distribution septic systems are economical and the most common choice for installations and used where the soil is good for effluent treatment. Appropriate site qualities would include deep, well-drained soils and slope. When properly installed, gravity distribution systems store and distribute effluent for dispersal and treatment. We design the trenching in one of three configurations for the most efficient effluent distribution.

Pressurized distribution septic systems include a pump chamber to collect wastewater from the septic tank. This design is used for site conditions that require controlled dosing. The advantage of a pressure distribution system is that they ensure the entire treatment field receives equal effluent to prevent over-saturation in one area. Treatment fields receiving effluent by a pressure distribution also have a smaller design footprint with more options. Pressurized septic systems need maintenance like any other system, including flushing and cleaning to prevent mineral build-up in the small orifices in the pipes.

If you are purchasing new property with an existing unknown system, we highly recommend a qualified septic system inspection by Kelly Hohmann ROWP (PL) (IN) (MP) (IN) to protect yourself against future problems that may include full system replacements.

Check out our gallery for photos of septic systems we have designed and installed in the South Okanagan.

Type I

Gravity Distribution

Trenched System

Trenched Infiltrator System

Pressure Distribution

Type II

Gravity Distribution - Enviro-Septic System Installation

Gravity Distribution – Enviro-Septic System Installation>

Trenched Eljen Modules

Pressurized Distribution - Trenched Infiltrator System Installation

Type III

Gravity Distribution

EcoFlo Engineered