Kelly Hohman replaced our failing tile field and retrofitted our septic tank in November 2015. I found him to be honest, knowledgeable, skillful, efficient, and reliable. He investigated our situation and soil and described our options. Because we value the native vegetation on our property, he designed a layout which minimized disturbance to the plants and places we were most concerned about. During the work, he was careful not to damage native plants when digging trenches or installing the new pipe, sand or media.

When Kelly estimated the cost of our new system, he explained that protecting our vegetation would entail extra cost that he could not predict beforehand. He told us the rates for him and his equipment to do the work as we wanted. We agreed for him to go ahead on that basis and were pleased to find that he did not overcharge us even though he was in a position to do so.

I watched Kelly install the new system and am confident that it was done carefully and with high quality material. Our new distribution box, septic tank access, and filter all work properly. After beginning our job, he worked on it daily until it was complete. When the job was finished, Kelly left the area disturbed for our new drainage field in such condition that it was as easy as possible to revegetate.

Jim Bryan

ABC septic services came through for us twice in the last year. Unbeknownst to us, we bought a house that had an underground water issue, that meant we had a non-functioning septic system with water leaching into our secondary tank and the field was no good. The house had water rising into it from below that had to be pumped out. We contacted Kelly, he diagnosed and resolved the issue promptly and efficiently. We now have a new impermeable system that is fully functioning.

Kelly was honest, reliable, affordable and professional. We were so pleased with his work, we came right back to him and appealed to him to help us with the ongoing water issue on the property. We discussed a blanket drain system that would stop the water from reaching the foundation and he agreed to help.

This spring he came with his equipment and precisely placed the drain around the perimeter of our house, which was very trying with unexpected obstacles. Well, sufficed to say, we no longer have water coming up under our foundation. No moisture, humidity and paranoia of flood if the pump were to fail. We watch as the water spews from the drain and just shake our heads- that was coming up into our basement!

ABC made our home livable and safe. Kelly went above and beyond and we would recommend this company.

Troy & Nadine

We had our septic system completely redone by Kelly at ABC and he did an amazing and stellar job. His quote was exactly the amount we paid in the end, and he was forthright and honest the entire experience. He was prompt to our house each day, and did not stop until it was all a done deal.


Kim H

Kelly and Sylvia Hohmann, from ABC Septic, are great people to work with. We met them when they came to give us a quote for putting in a new septic system in the fall of 2017.

Kelly goes beyond the call of duty to get his job done. He is such a reliable and hard worker, and if he says he is going to do something, he does it. They designed and built our septic system and it works beautifully. We really liked the idea that our system would be done from top to bottom by one company. They completely guarantee their system, and we are very happy that this local company will be around to help us maintain our system. We would highly recommend ABC Septic for any job they wish to tackle.

Donna, Eric, and Jamie Jensen
Penticton, BC

We have been customers of ABC Septic Services for many years (18). We have always found Kelly to be extremely knowledgeable and efficient.

Gary J.

Came in on budget and worked onsite until it was complete! I would highly recommend Kelly at ABC Septic Services ltd.

Peter M.

Friendly, Knowledgeable and Fair!

Marsha M.

Our system was backing up. Kelly came right away, fixed the problem, and left everything in order just in time for our guest’s arrival.

Thank you!

Chris L.

ABC Septic Services Ltd. Installed a new system for us 18 years ago. No problems, no issues….


Liam M.

11 years ago, we were told that we had to get a new septic system. We called Kelly for a second opinion, and in about 15 minutes he diagnosed the problem. It ended up being just a minor fix. He truly is an expert in the industry. Kelly at ABC Septic Services Ltd. has been maintaining our system ever since.

Jeff W.